A solid, effective ally at the scientific forefront

We define ourselves as a cutting-edge and impactful company in the field of inflammasome biomedicine focused on the development of solutions and services for research, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals.

Our pillars are a team with international experience, a state-of-the-art laboratory in the Murcia Science Park to create a true technological disruption, the quality of service and the commitment to technology transfer for the personalization of more effective treatments.

Our project was born in the first instance from the need of millions of patients to have a first line of defense to reduce mortality or the severe consequences of sepsis and other acute inflammatory processes.

“Current solutions and devices are not very agile, generate enormous expenses for governments and/or companies in the sector, and are not easy to implement.”

Our projects

Functional biomarker of the activation of theNLRP3 inflammasome.

Our research into the specific mechanisms governing the activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome has provided us with unique insights of great value for the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and health industry, leading to the registration of international patents that will redefine the practices of professionals in this field.

Our projects include the development of microfluidic, reagent management and immunochromatographic detection solutions to provide maximum specificity and sensitivity from a small whole blood sample.

This research has allowed us to begin developing our first prototype of a compact hospital laboratory device for rapid diagnosis and accurate prognosis of sepsis, the main cause of hospital mortality, human suffering, resource consumption and spending in Intensive Care Units (ICU).

Three views, one common purpose

Save lives. The purpose that unites us as a team, as professionals and as people.

We bring to market reliable, impactful and easy to use solutions and services, based on cutting-edge inflammasome science.

Venture capital

Our founders and investors are syndicated with respective representatives to streamline procedures. This is in accordance with a Partner Agreement that promotes trust, collaboration, and quarterly accountability. In light of our progress and governance, our investors have repeatedly shown their support for Viva: two extensions totaling 1.2 m EUR.

n the next stage we will join forces with venture capital funds specialized in biomedicine, impact investing, or biotechnology. This partnership will allow us to leverage their experience and contact networks in corporate governance and operations to facilitate advancements and create opportunities to generate value for all partners involved.


Open innovation

We will provide services, facilitate technology transfers, and offer licensing opportunities to pharmaceutical companies seeking the development of advanced and effective therapies focused on the mechanisms of action targeting inflammatory and related processes.

Similarly, we will collaborate with diagnostic companies who wish to incorporate our technique into their devices for applications related to sepsis, stroke, acute or chronic inflammatory processes, as well as cancer and central nervous system disorders.