Viva In Vitro Diagnostics

Viva In Vitro Diagnostics leverages the unique and internationally patented knowledge of specific mechanisms in relation to the activation of the nlrp3 inflammasome that crucially affect the evolution of 80% of patients suffering from septic shock and other acute inflammatory processes to develop an in vitro diagnostic and prognostic device for the physician to make a safe stratification of the patients so as to start appropriate treatment within a few hours of admission.

The successful Proof of Concept was funded by the European Research Council in its Consolidation call, reputed to require scientific excellence. Scientific leadership: Dr. Pablo Pelegrín, professor at the University of Murcia and deputy scientific director of the IMIB. The clinical team was coordinated by Dr. García-Palenciano, head of the anesthesiology service of the renowned Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital.

From the beginning, our intellectual property protection strategy has been in the expert hands of Hoffmann-Eitle. The market research was conducted by experts from BHV Partners. From there and to support the development of our first product for the market with business logic we commissioned CiDi Salud a field survey among all types of hospitals and clinical services throughout Spain. Viva In Vitro is the first Innovative Technology-Based Company (EBT) of the Foundation for Health Training and Research (FFIS).

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Three standpoints, one common drive, saving lives:
clinical, research, investment

Who are we addressing

After the initial stage of scientific research and the subsequent clinical proof of concept, our natural interlocutors in this third stage—development of a diagnostic device—are first and foremost the venture capital fund managers specialized in biomedicine and biotechnology who are looking for projects with a solid scientific foundation, a senior and balanced team with a clear market orientation and the purpose of bringing scientific knowledge to the bedside of patients.

Secondly, to the executives and scientific managers of pharmaceutical companies who want to develop more advanced and effective therapies against sepsis, stroke, but also all those diseases or acute or chronic processes where the mechanism of action on the inflammatory process is key.

Of course, also to manufacturers of medical devices —e.g., for blood gas monitoring— who are looking for alliances to explore the possibility of including new functionalities in their device.


We are committed to a continued team growth bringing in professionals with an extensive and supplementary experience

Pablo Pelegrín

Founder and Scientific Advisory

Joaquín Gómez Moya


María Fuensanta Martínez

Steering Committee

Carlos García Palenciano


Antonio Vilaplana

Attorney and economist.
Expert in technological spinoffs

Alicia Blázquez

Financial modeling. Specialist in Medical Devices startups