Viva in Vitro in the media


New €1.3 million round for Viva in Vitro brings it over €3 million investment to fight sepsis and boost personalized medicine

In less than 3 years, the Spanish biotech company has attracted the confidence of investors and international medical institutions to complete the development of its Viva Sepscare® prototype for the rapid detection and stratification of patients with sepsis. The company intends to soon extend its clinical validation to other fields such as multiple sclerosis and other ailments.

Eduardo López Collazo Comite Viva in Vitro

Viva incorporates Dr. Eduardo López Collazo into its Advisory and Scientific Committee

Dr. Eduardo López Collazo has signed an agreement with Viva In Vitro to become a member of its Advisory and Scientific Committee, thus reinforcing a project that seeks to generate an important impact in the field of inflammasome biomedicine focused on the development of solutions and services for research, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.