Eduardo López Collazo Comite Viva in Vitro

Viva incorporates Dr. Eduardo López Collazo into its Advisory and Scientific Committee

Dr. Eduardo López Collazo has signed an agreement with Viva In Vitro to become a member of its Advisory and Scientific Committee, thus reinforcing a project that seeks to generate an important impact in the field of inflammasome biomedicine focused on the development of solutions and services for research, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.

Dr. López Collado is an international reference in the scientific world for both his professional and informative work, and is currently Deputy Scientific Director of Health Research at the Hospital Universitario de la Paz, as well as Academic at the Latin American Academy of Sciences.

Eduardo López Collazo Comite Viva in Vitro

Present at the signing ceremony were our CEO, Joaquín Gómez Moya, Dr. Pablo Pelegrín, scientific advisor to the Management Committee and founder, as well as Toni Vilaplana, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Governing Board.

This is a further step in the construction of one of our main pillars, which is to have a team with international experience, focused on high performance, and which combines leadership in business management, cutting-edge scientific research in the areas of molecular biology and biomedical engineering, practical experience in the management of biotechnological and biomedical laboratories, as well as demanding legal and financial management.

Viva in Vitro has become a reference in the international biomedical context focused on R&D in inflammasomes, for its research and development in NLRP3, as well as inflammatory processes, providing cutting-edge solutions and services, with a special emphasis on sepsis.

It has its own laboratory in the Murcia Science Park, designed to create a true technological disruption, and its mission is the pursuit of quality of service and commitment to technology transfer for the personalisation of more effective treatments.