Viva in Vitro Toni Vilaplana Joaquin Gomez

Viva In Vitro: a pioneering company among the 650 startups with ENISA recognition in 2024

We are one of 8 reference companies among the almost 650 startups that got the ENISA recognition in 2024, according to the newspaper Expansión. Thank you María José Gómez-Serranillos Resino.

Our CEO, Joaquín Gómez Moya, and our COO, Toni Vilaplana Vivancos, explained how obtaining ENISA certification is a pillar for our company for several strategic and operational reasons.

For a biotech company like Viva in Vitro, whose objective is to fight against deaths due to sepsis, “this step is fundamental to access the fiscal and social benefits established by the Startups Act”, explains Toni, which allows us to promote the development of R&D&I in the biosanitary field, consolidate innovative companies like ours and strengthen our position in the market”.

And that is our main goal: to continue innovating internationally as biomedical leaders in research and development in NLRP3 and inflammatory processes to save lives.

THANK YOU to the whole team for contributing to this goal: Pablo Pelegrín, Verónica Cánovas, Pablo Gonzalez-Polanco, María del Carmen Baños, Maria Fuensanta Martínez, Alicia Blázquez Rojas and all our advisors and researchers.