Viva In Vitro receives the Impact Business 2023 recognition as a social and environmental impact initiative.

The Ship2B Foundation has communicated to the biomedical company Viva In Vitro on this February 15.—

“After going through the Impact recognition process, the Ship2B Foundation is pleased to send you the recognition that accredits Viva in Vitro as an Impact Business 2023 initiative, under the criteria of the Ship2B Foundation which has been validated by our ecosystem and board of trustees”. During the previous six months, Viva In Vitro has overcome an arduous and demanding process of evaluation and work with international specialists in the prestigious Health & Care Accelerator of the Ship2B Foundation.

Social and environmental impact is the footprint or result that is left in the community when developing a business project. With the Recognition of Accelerated Company Impact Growth to Viva In Vitro, Ship2B accepts that the biomedical Viva In Vitro

  1. has developed a logic of impact, Theory of Change,
  2. and that this is specified in a measurement structure, Scorecard,
  3. and monitoring, Reporting, of such social and environmental impact.

This is complemented by.—

a – A code of good practices to ensure transparency, ethics and good behavior of the entrepreneurial team.
b – An analysis of the startup’s relationship and behavior with all stakeholders and the community as a whole.
c – The evidence that it is a profitable business model and consistent with the theory of change.

Viva In Vitro ‘s mission is to develop advanced and easy-to-use devices that solve the current problem of stratification of patients in sepsis, which is the leading cause of hospital mortality in the world, and in other inflammatory processes; as well as contributing to the development of novel therapies using cutting-edge scientific knowledge in the area of inflammasomes.